Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey

Assisting managing agents and duty holders to understand and fulfil their legal responsibilities in accordance with the health and safety legislation

Health and Safety legislation clearly states that those responsible for the maintenance of commercial or non-domestic properties must ensure any asbestos used in the building is correctly identified and managed. The first step is an assessment through a comprehensive asbestos survey.

Our surveys include surface sample testing and visual inspections to determine whether asbestos was used in the building of the property.

Findings are presented to the client as a comprehensive report detailing the results and any recommended actions.

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Helping you to fulfil your legal duties

In accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 persons responsible for the management of non-domestic premises ( or common parts of domestic premises) have a duty to manage the risks posed by asbestos. This even includes very small common parts such as a lift motor room or boiler house. If a building was constructed prior to 2000 it may contain asbestos materials.

In many cases the presence of asbestos does not pose a risk to health, in which case no further action may be needed other than ongoing inspection.

Kendon Safety are experienced in health and safety legislation relating to asbestos and can provide ongoing support and services compliant with legal requirements.

Under the Regulations in order to fulfil your duties you are required to identify the asbestos products within your premises, for management purposes (referred to as a type 2 survey) and, more extensively prior to refurbishment (type 3). This duty can be fulfilled by means of an asbestos survey conducted by a competent person. The survey will provide you with the necessary information to act on the results.

All contractors appointed to carry out work, however small, within a property constructed prior to 2000 should be provided with an up to date asbestos survey to advise them of any asbestos containing materials to ensure they are not disturbed.

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The survey document will provide you with recommended actions. Where asbestos products remain in place, they should be subject to regular re-inspection to ensure they are not deteriorating and posing a risk of fibre release.

Kendon Safety provides an annual inspection service. Give us a call for more information: 01303 621 752

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